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I am ready to be anything, whatever my party wants me to do: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

May 20, 2019

I am ready to be anything, whatever my party wants me to do: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

The Congress general secretary says, "It is a sign of tremendous political cowardice to refuse to accept the clear inability of our PM to face the questions, dissatisfaction of silence all opponents and accepting sly efforts. "

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the least decisive leaders whom India has seen in recent years. He gave written answers to the questions presented by The Hindu, after which there was a brief conversation.

As the elections of the seven phases are ending, what is your assessment?

My focus is mainly in UP, so I have a clear picture about UP. At U.P., I see a lot of public anger, people have suffered tremendously in the last five years and I believe this pain is going to directly affect the elections. I think the U.P. The rest applies to the country as well. The government has acted as the creator of problems instead of solving problems. Regardless of whether it is a monopolization, the complex structure of GST (goods and services tax), the government's denial to overcome the crisis in the agricultural sector or their disappointing performance on job creation - they have consistently contributed to raising the daily struggle of the common man. I believe that the BJP (BJP) will be held accountable for failing to fulfill the promises made to the public five years ago.

BJP has done this election in the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's crucial leadership versus the opposition. Is not it harm?
I believe that this is a myth created simultaneously by the media and the BJP, and of course it is suited to the BJP. The truth is that our Prime Minister is one of India's least decisive leaders in recent decades, in the context of our political leadership and in the context of leading India as a nation in the larger geopolitical field.

He has seen tremendous weakness in his responses to those problems which have happened to the common man. He did not even have the courage to meet thousands of farmers when he pursued justice towards Delhi. His weakness is clearly in his insistence in separating himself with capitalist capitalists and fusing associates and separating himself from the public. Apart from this, his apparent incompetence in facing the questions, refusing to accept dissatisfaction and his hard efforts to silence all the culprits is a symbol of tremendous political cowardice.

Is Rahul Gandhi facing a serious challenge in Amethi?
I do not believe this at all.

What is your assessment of SP-BSP (Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party) coalition? How will they perform?
I can not really say that how good they will be, this is for people's decision and we will see when the election results are coming.

Your brother Rahul Gandhi had talked about how you are now in politics for a long innings. Do you want to be the face of the Congress party at the U.P. Assembly polls in 2022?
I am ready to be something that my party wants me to do.

There are indispensable comparisons between you and Rahul Gandhi. How do you deal with it?
I do not To be honest, I think that comparison between Rahul and me has been a politically motivated exercise from the very beginning. This is part of a vicious propaganda campaign that has been done against my brother.

The truth is that there is no comparison. He has been in politics for 15 years and I have entered politics 15 weeks ago. They have a big experience, they have traveled all over the country, they understand this country, its religions, the forces that play it inside and outside, I am better than all those politicians who have to do me. He is more intelligent than me and I learn from him every minute. So, for me this is a manufactured comparison.

Also, people often talk about your shock to your grandmother Indira Gandhi. What emotions do they create in you?
I am her granddaughter, it is natural that I look like them. Occasionally, when I see elderly people waiting for me and greet me with love, I can see that they are emotionally giving me feedback because of my commitment to work and our country. Are. It makes me even more aware that she was a formidable and courageous woman. Even after so many years of his death, he is remembered with love. It says a lot for the life that he had lived.

As children, we all want our parents to make it easy after a certain step. Is this the reason why we have seen Gandhiji very little in this election?
No, it's not what its children feel like He himself felt the need to be less busy in politics. He was in politics for two full decades and was fully committed for this. She now spends her time doing things she likes and she likes to spend time with my children. It was completely his choice.
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BJP will come back to power with majority: Modi

May 20, 2019

BJP will come back to power with majority: Modi

In his first press conference in 5 years, Modi said, ask Amit Shah.

At the end of the election campaign for the last phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was making an appearance, but on Friday no BJP leader Amit Shah did not raise any questions in a press conference organized by the BJP, expressed confidence that the BJP The power with the majority will come back.

Turning unexpectedly at the press conference addressed by Mr. Shah, Shri Modi made an initial comment, but for the BJP chief, he repeatedly asked the questions, which stated that he was "disciplined party" and "party president" . Everything for us ".

Despite the announcement of Mr. Modi's own declaration for Mahatma Gandhi's assassin's killer, he won on May 23, if he won on May 23, he would welcome the party's Bhopal candidate Pragya Thakur. , Nathuram Godse

Mr. Shah, responding to the Prime Minister, said that his comment was controversial, did not reflect the party's views and disciplinary action was being taken against him and other party leaders who had made such remarks. He however clarified that the party does not regret the ticket to Ms. Thakur from Bhopal because it had a stand against "Hindu terrorist tag".

Shri Modi described a long campaign, during which he addressed 142 rallies in the length and breadth of the country as "the giving of thanks" to the people, he said that after many years, to vote for such a government, Who had enjoyed the absolute majority

He said, 'The election is amazing. It was organized in a positive sense. A full majority government will come back after five years in power. This is probably happening after a very long time. This is a big deal in itself. He said that there was a time when the Indian Premier League (IPL) had to go out of India due to elections but under the present government, elections could be held even after Ramzan was celebrated and Easter was celebrated, Ram Navami was forbidden And conducting board exams

"I believe that some things we can say proudly to the world. It is the world's largest democracy, it is our responsibility to take the power of this democracy to the world. We must impress the world with the diversity of democracy.

"We ensured final delivery, which was a new structure of governance. Our government will take its responsibility as soon as possible.

According to him, the journey started for an honest government five years ago on May 17, 2014, and one day after the Lok Sabha election results were declared. On May 16, 2014 elections resulted in heavy losses and on May 17, 2014. Today is 17th May. The 'Satta Bazar' includes those who projected the Congress 150 seats and the BJP got only 206 seats. He suffered huge losses on May 17 in 10 elections, "he said.

Mr. Shah not only gave a report card on the achievements of the Modi Government, but also about the efforts made by the party organization to mount the 2019 campaign.

"We started our practice on January 16 and did more than 150 booths and cluster meetings. There were 29 Lok Sabha committees who inspected 482 sub-committees who used to conduct more than 4030 meetings to go on the details of the campaign. The BJP never won 120 seats in 13 states, more than 3,000 full-time workers worked for three years.

He said, "We have established 161 call centers with 15,682 callers who reach 24.81 crore beneficiaries of various programs run by the Modi government. "

For another question, directed by Shri Modi and redirected to Mr. Shah, the latter said that efforts of the Opposition were a futile exercise before the results to find out the possibility of the formation of the government.
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PM Modi drenched in sadhana in the cave of Kedarnath Dham

May 20, 2019

PM Modi drenched in sadhana in the cave of Kedarnath Dham


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Kedarnath Dham on Saturday after the end of the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections, where he performed special puja in the temple. Wearing a garmented garment, PM Modi has special puja in Kedarnath temple. After this, PM Modi has got absorbed in the holy cave made in Kedarnath Dham.

PM Modi reached Kedarnath shrine for the fourth time in two years, worshiped Lord Shiva in the temple. PM Modi revolted after Rudrabhishek after the temple. PM Modi will go to Badrinath Dham on May 19, after which he will leave for Delhi.

On Sundays, he is expected to be in another temple, Badrinath, in the Char Dham 'religious circuit of Uttarakhand.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday prayed in the Himalayan temple of Kedarnath, one day after the general election campaign

On Sundays, he is expected to be in another temple, Badrinath, in the Char Dham 'religious circuit of Uttarakhand.

Dressed in a gray traditional mountain dress, Shri Modi prayed for about 30 minutes and circled the Kedarnath temple at a height of 11,755 feet near the Mandakini river.

The Prime Minister then went inside a cave near the shrine. Shri Modi wrapped in saffron shawl was seen meditating in a sacred cave.

Mangesh Ghildiyal, district collector of Rudraprayag said that when Shri Modi was praying, the devotees were not allowed to enter the premises of the temple.

The Prime Minister also reviewed the development works in the temple city. Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Utl Kumar Singh gave information about the work of restoration work to Shri Modi in Kedarnath temple. Shri Modi later took an all-terrain vehicle to review the reconstruction work.

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What is event blogging event blogging kya

May 19, 2019

What is event blogging event blogging kya event blogging se paise kaise earn kare

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Types of Hosting

May 18, 2019

Types Of Hosting

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What is Hosting / Hosting he jaaniye?

May 18, 2019

What is Hosting / Hosting he jaaniye?

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Facebook Will Now Focus On Such Video Content, You Can Get Reward

May 08, 2019

Facebook Will Now Focus On Such Video Content, You Can Get Reward

Miller, the product manager of Facebook, said that our focus will be on high-quality video.

Facebook is now going to change the way the video is ranked on its social network. With updates to its platform, Facebook will also focus on original content and loyalty users. According to the new guidelines, Facebook will now give priority to videos that focus on the original content. Along with this, where the users remain active more and more for a long time.

Miller, the product manager of Facebook, said that our focus will be on high-quality video. These will include videos that are original rather than copying from anywhere. Which connect more and more users. There are some people who take any video and content of anybody for their benefit and share it on their page, causing a significant loss to the concerned person.

Facebook says that it will now demote videos from those pages which are included in the sharing scheme. With the changes, Facebook's goal is to promote those videos which people like most. The company says that better video producers help to reach more people on social networks through better distribution.

Focus On Facebook

According to the news agency Xinhua, Facebook will focus three factors specifically. They will be especially involved, whose video ranking impacts on the platform. In addition to the originality of the video, loyalty and intentions will also be seen. Social media giants will focus on the video attracting the attention of viewers for at least one minute as compared to their previous rule and will also rank on quality basis. The company will try to keep the users together with them for one to three minutes.

Facebook Will Reward Videos

Facebook will also reward such videos, which users have liked very well. The same video will qualify for the reward, whose originality is 100 percent. Apart from this, Facebook will also judge the video on the basis of ranking, quality and engagement. Facebook's focus will also be on the page on which users come back often and again.
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English Bolna Kaise Sikhe Hindi Me Jane

May 07, 2019

English Bolna Kaise Sikhe Hindi Me Jane

Hello Dosto perfecthossting.com Me Aapka Swagat hai To chaliye Shuru krte hain Dosti Aaj Hum Apko batane Wale hain ki English Bolna Kaise sikhe Toh Chaliye dosto Hum iske bare me Apko details me Batayenge Toh Dosto Puri Jankari ke liye article Ko pura jarur read karein!

Toh Dosto me Sabse pahle  Apko ye Batadu ki kya apko bhi English nahi aati kya aap Bhi English Bolna Sikhna Chahte Kya Aap bhi samaj me Anya jagah Par Samman Pana Chahte Hai ? Ya fir koi Acchi job Pana Chahte hain Toh Aaiye Dosto Hum sikhte hain ki English Bolna or Padhna Kaise sikhe.

Hai Dosto Jaise Ajkal toh sabko pata hai ya apko bhi Pata hai ki English Aaj sirf Kisi ek Country me nhi Boli jaati hai Balki English toh Ajkal normal ho chuki hai or English Aajkal Aisi Language ho Chuki hai Jo aaj Ek International Language bAn Chuki hai Or aaj Kal Kisi Bhi JoB ke Liye Chahe Vo Private Job Ho ya Fir Sarkari ( Government ) Job Ho Aajkal sabhi Jagah Jaruru Ban chuki Hai To Iss Situation me Apko English Nhi aati Toh Isme Apki Koi Galti Nhi Hai Or English Sikhe Koi Bahot Hard Kaam Nhi Hai English Bahut Hi Simple Hai Jo Aaj kal Koi Bhi Sikh Sakta Hai Or Koi Bhi Bol Sakta hai or apna Standard Bada Sakta Hai

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English Bolna Kaise Sikhe

Jaisa Ki aap Sabhi Ko Pata Hai Ki Aaj kal ke Yug me Agar Apki Qualifications Kam Hai Or Agar Aapko Fir bhi English Bolna Ata hai Toh Apko Log ek shresht Vyakti ka Darjaa Denge Agar Apko aaj ke jamane me English Nhi aati Toh Aapko aaj hi English Sikhna shuru kar dena Chahiye

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English Sikhne Ke Asaan Tarike

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I am ready to be anything, whatever my party wants me to do: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

I am ready to be anything, whatever my party wants me to do: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra The Congress general secretary says, "It is a ...

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